Analysis of the development trend of mining hydraulic fittings!

In recent years, the development of mining hydraulic fittings has reached a certain bottleneck. When it comes to how to develop, many people will shake their heads.

The current domestic situation is under great pressure, but this happens at home and abroad. Every industry has highs and lows. There is no good strategy or shortcut to face such a situation. It is up to the entrepreneur to judge and analyze the market. During the peak production period, blind production is not allowed. During the trough period, we should strengthen the research and development of new products and expand new fields and markets.

Enterprises can only develop steadily by improving internal skills and relying on the quality of hydraulic fittings' own products to cope with the trough period. Hydraulic parts industry's main application areas are construction machinery. Through the communication with Yuzi hydraulic enterprises in the past two years, a good platform has been built, but at present there is not much substantive cooperation. I hope that the next step will be to strengthen the contact with enterprises with scientific research needs, give full play to the scientific research power of the development of the hydraulic industry, and truly realize the combination of production, learning and research, so that the hydraulic parts cluster industry on the road to high-end.

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Features of PFA Flare Type Fittings

PFA material has excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature stability and excellent electrical insulation properties, which makes the PFA flare type fittings have many unique features and advantages.

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Stainless steel metal hose with several types of fittings

Corrugated metal hose Model: tcJR metal hose nominal diameter: DN8 ~ DN400 working pressure: 0.6 ~ 1.0 (MPa)

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What are the standards for stainless steel metal hose?

Stainless steel metal hose is made of stainless steel bellows outer braided one or more layers of steel wire or steel belt mesh sleeve, two ends with a connector or flange head, used to transport stainless steel metal hose a variety of media, flexible components. II. Features:Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance (-196 ℃ ~ +420 ℃), light weight, small size, good flexibility. Widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, wood, textile, construction, medicine, food, tobacco, and other industries. 1. Conveying corrosive chemical medium or organic solvent. (For example: loading and unloading ammonia, acetone, etc.) 2. Conveying high temperature gas, hot oil and other high temperature media. (e.g. hot steam, thermal oil, etc.) 3. Conveying low-temperature or ultra-low-temperature media. (e.g. liquid nitrogen) 4. Conveying water, steam, oil and other media in high temperature environment. (eg: coking, steelmaking, continuous casting equipment in the water vapor system and hydraulic system) 5. Need to dampen or eliminate the noise of the pipeline. (For example: pump import and export)

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